Hi, I'm Wanda Evans!

Previously working in media production, now a full stack web developer! Currently, I have an interest in back-end and API development.

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Here's all the technology I work with:


Javascript, Python, C


React, Node, Express


Git, Agile

Here are some projects I made recently.

Flyte Log

FlyteLog is a web-based log book for pilots to track their flight hours, aircrafts and trips. It is a five student, group web application project completed in 5 weeks as part of Lambda School's Capstone curriculum. Built in React, with Express, MaterialUI, Stripe, Firebase back-end deployment and Heroku front-end deployment. Responsible for Stripe implementation.

Github View Code Here

Github Finder

Github Finder is a web app that utilizes the Github API to quickly search for user profiles. It was a solo project, built in React and completed in under one month, with Axios, React-Router and deployed on Heroku.

Github View Code Here

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